What was Roger Clemens thinking?
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What the heck was Roger Clemens thinking when he found out that Wells had "written" that, if he were Mike Piazza, he would have shoved that bat shard up a place where the sun don't shine?

Roger Clemens
Mr. Wells' comments made possible by a grant from the Jack Daniels Foundation.
A. "A place where the sun don't shine? You mean the dreams of Red Sox fans?"

B. "If Wells were Piazza, he wouldn't have been able to walk the straight line to first base."

C. "And if I were Roger Clemens, I would kick your butt the next time I see you."

D. "It should be 'where the sun doesn't shine.' That's just piss-poor grammar."

E. "It's weird. Nobody likes me. Nobody likes him. And yet we can't find a common ground."

F. "Dave must not be at the 'making amends' stage of his program yet."


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