What was Jim Harrick thinking?
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What the heck were Georgia hoops coach Jim Harrick Sr. and his son thinking when they reportedly provided illegal money and gifts to a player after Harrick Sr. got into trouble at UCLA and Rhode Island for similar rules violations? Harrick Jr. was fired last week, and Harrick Sr. was suspended with pay Monday.

Jim Harrick
We guess it all did come out, right Jim?
A. "The first time was for a national title, the second time was for Lamar Odom and the third time was for ... Tony freakin' Cole?"

B. "The devil went down to Georgia ..."

C. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree -- especially when it's a money tree."

D. "This should distract people from that sexual harassment suit just fine."

E. "Get Tark on the phone."

F. "Next stop, St. Bonaventure."


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