What was Scott Hoch thinking?
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What the heck was Scott Hoch thinking when he refused to putt out on the second playoff hole of the Ford Championship because it was too dark? (Hoch won the next day, beating Jim Furyk on the third playoff hole.)

Scott Hoch
"Yes, I will be able to make my facial and manicure appointment after all."
A. "Hello, darkness, my old friend ..."

B. "That's the last time I consult my WWBSD ("What Would Bud Selig Do?") bracelet."

C. "I did it for the fans. I was afraid one of them might get maimed by an errant putt."

D. "Too dark to putt, only 30 minutes 'til happy hour ends. You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to."

E. "There goes my chance at starring in 'Bagger Vance II.' "

F. "So I say, 'Lama, how about a little something for my trouble?' And he says, 'There will be no tip for you, but if you're ever in a tight spot, tell them I said, "It's better to wait till the morning than to curse the darkness." ' So I got that going for me."


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