What was Monica Lewinsky thinking?
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What the heck was Fox thinking when it hired Monica Lewinsky to host its new reality show "Mr. Personality," which will require an attractive young woman to pick her soulmate from among several masked suitors?

Monica Lewinsky
"That's right, it's Monica Lewinsky, the famous handbag designer."
A. "Of all the former White House interns who've had illicit affairs with the President, she was our first choice."

B. "We hired Monica because whenever you ask a guy to describe her, he always says, 'well, she has a good personality.' "

C. "Considering the, ahem, obscured view she often had of her suitor, she should be a great choice."

D. "She may not have an extensive TV resume, but she has starred in more than 100 Oval Office surveillance films."

E. "There's a good chance the show will totally blow, but we'll see."

F. "Make sure we put a dry-cleaning clause in her contract."


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