What was Lisa Marie Presley thinking?
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What the heck was Lisa Marie Presley thinking when she told Rolling Stone that her marriage to Michael Jackson was "a real marriage" in every sense?

Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Jackson
People who think this kiss was real also think that Bill Gates will send them $100 if they forward that e-mail.
A. "We'd fight about typical married couple problems, like whose turn it was to walk the llama."

B. "Hey, we had sex once a year. Marriage doesn't get any more real than that!"

C. "Michael even had a cute pet name for me: he called me his precious beard."

D. "Yes, a real marriage in every sense: lying, cheating, deception, resentment."

E. "I swore on the Bible that I would, honor, obey, and bleach him."

F. "We were in love, but after a while, I just didn't recognize the man that I married. I mean literally, I came home one day and didn't recognize him at all."


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