What was Chris Shivers thinking?
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What the heck was world champion bull-rider Chris Shivers thinking when he tried to ride Bucking Bull of the Year, "Little Yellow Jacket," for eight seconds, which would land him a prize of $1 million?

Chris Shivers
It's a sad day when your butt is thoroughly kicked by a steak.
A. "So all I have to do is ride this thing for eight seconds and I win a million bucks? Isn't that how Anna Nicole Smith made her fortune?"

B. "My secret to guarding against premature ejection is to think about baseball."

C. "If I weren't a bull rider, I'd have a difficult time justifying these leather chaps."

D. "Oh, great. 'Amarillo by Morning' . . . Renee Richards by nightfall."

E. "If this doesn't get me that catchers-cup endorsement deal, nothing will!"

F. "This competition gives me a good idea for a new game show: 'Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire with a Lacerated Liver?'"


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