What was Tiger thinking?
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What was Tiger Woods thinking when he blamed his caddie, Stevie Williams, for his poor round on the final day of the Masters?

Tiger Woods
On the other hand, at least Elin was there to comfort him in defeat.

A. "I'm not saying my caddie did a bad job, but I'd have been better off with Stevie Wonder."

B. "If a professional golfer can't reduce a parade of bad shots down to a poor judgment call by his caddy, then the terrorists have already won."

C. "Every time I was about to swing, he would make this really distracting noise with his mouth. It kind of sounded like breathing."

D. "He didn't remind me not to let my girlfriend cook for me the night before."

E. "He kept bugging me to sneak away for a few holes to protest with Martha Burk."

F. "Just kidding. It was obviously my inferior Nike equipment."


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