What was David Wells thinking?
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What the heck was David Wells thinking when he offered during spring training to retire over the furor arising from his book?

David Wells
"I dedicate this book to a close friend -- Mr. Jonathan Daniels."
A. "The competition, the money, the camaraderie, the adulation -- I wouldn't miss any of it. Now the post-game buffet ... that's another story."

B. "Yeah, I used the word 'retire.' But I meant it in the David Cone sense of the word."

C. "Hey, the sooner I get out, the sooner I'm in the Hall of Fame."

D. "I need a little time to write my follow-up novel, about a dinosaur theme park that goes haywire."

E. "I was half-drunk when I made that offer."

F. "I would hate to leave my team with only a dozen quality starters to choose from, but that's what it might come to."


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