What was Jim Carrey thinking?
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What the heck was Jim Carrey thinking when he agreed to increase child-support payments for his daughter, Jane, because his ex-wife, Melissa, claimed his current $10,000 monthly payments weren't enough to support the daughter in the "prestigious lifestyle" to which the teen is accustomed when she spends time with her father? (According to court papers, Jane was being deprived of a personal trainer and Pilates studio in her home, had to fly coach when traveling without her famous father and was forced to get massages at a local spa.)

A. "I agreed to pay more than $10,000 a month in child support? I guess that makes me both Dumb and Dumber."

B. "How could I say no? Pampering worked so well for those adorable Osbourne offspring."

C. "When you factor in the cost of the therapy she'd require if she had to fly coach, this actually saves me money."

D. "Me ATM, You Jane."

E. "She already gets more money per month than the entire box-office gross of 'The Majestic'."

F. "They still have coach sections on airplanes? How quaint!"


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