What was Larry Eustachy thinking?
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What the heck was Iowa State basketball coach Larry Eustachy thinking when he told school officials that he used "poor judgment" and made "bad decisions" by accompanying Missouri player Josh Kroenke to an after-hours party near the University of Missouri campus on Jan. 23? During the early-morning hours, Eustachy was photographed with beer; and in several photos, he was embracing and kissing women on the cheek or being kissed on the cheek. His Cyclones lost, 64-59, to Missouri earlier in the evening.

Larry Eustachy supporters
These ladies are ready to forgive Larry for his "bad judgement."
A. "I should never have gone to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon party in the first place. Turns out the Sigma Nu bash had a DJ and a keg of Milwaukee's Best."

B. "The most embarrassing part is that I totally struck out. I didn't stand a chance with that stud Kroenke hangin' around all night."

C. "Now I remember -- it's 'liquor before beer,' not the other way around."

D. "If my perimeter players had the range of some of those guys playing Beer Pong, we'd be unstoppable."

E. "I swear, I just stopped by there to check out the 'Dark Side of the Moon' blacklight poster."

F. "Let's keep this in perspective. It isn't like I used the 's-word' on national television like some coaches I know."


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