What was Jennifer Lopez thinking?
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What the heck was Jennifer Lopez thinking when two pieces of fabric had to be added to the backside of Jennifer Beals' red bodysuit from "Flashdance" so that J-Lo could wear the outfit for her new music video paying homage to the 1983 movie?

Jennifer Lopez
Skimpy shorts can't cut it for J-Lo's beefy backside.
A. "I'm a maniac, maniac . . . And I'm eating like I never ate before."

B. "What's the big deal? I got her leg warmers around my wrists, no problem."

C. "If they don't add some material to these shorts, 'Flashdance' is gonna take on a whole new meaning."

D. "You think my butt is bigger than hers? You should see my bank account."

E. "This will make for a nice segment on VH1's 'Behind the Behinds of Music: Who Backs Up Their Thing to Earn the Bling-Bling'."

F. "The junk in the trunk gives money to the honey."


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