What was Brad Pitt thinking?
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What the heck was Brad Pitt thinking when Madame Toussad's Wax Museum in London displayed a new exhibit of the actor that allows fans to squeeze a wax likeness of his famous derriere?

Brad Pitt
Jen like's to keep an eye on my ass at all times.
A. "At least it's right next to the one where fans can pick a wax likeness of Barry Manilow's nose."

B. "All kidding aside . . . Good God, I've got a great ass!!!"

C. "I sure hope they don't also notice this wax figure's eerily-lifelike inability to deliver a believable dramatic performance."

D. "I've always wanted to squeeze my own butt, so this will be rather convenient."

E. "If I wanted a bunch of strangers squeezing my butt all day, I'd just walk the streets of West Hollywood."

F. "At least I don't need extra fabric to cover it up."


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