What was Alan Thicke thinking?
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What the heck was actor Alan Thicke thinking when he was hit in the face by a puck and lost five teeth during practice for a celebrity charity game? (Thicke needed 30 stitches for surgeons to put his face back together.)

Alan Thicke
A couple stitches ... a little Botox and Alan will be right back to his old self.
A. "Let's see that pretty-boy Kirk Cameron take one in the face for the team like that."

B. "I should've taken that spot on Celebrity Mole instead."

C. "So I'm no longer a 'face.' Big deal. I still have my range as an actor to fall back on."

D. "That's some pain, and it's growing."

E. "These injuries would be much more severe if I didn't have such 'Thicke' skin. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. At least I didn't lose my sharp sense of humor."

F. "Awesome! That means I'll get five bucks from the tooth fairy tonight."


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