What was Jennifer Lopez thinking?
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What the heck was Jennifer Lopez thinking when she said that P. Diddy was the first boyfriend who had ever been unfaithful to her?

Jennifer Lopez
And he's the only boyfriend that involved her in a high-speed chase and gun fight.
A. "I needed a man who doesn't bounce around from chick to chick. Like Ben Affleck."

B. "Anyone who can't sit through all of 'Angel Eyes' is unfaithful in my book."

C. "Okay, next on my checklist of delusions: 'My butt isn't big'."

D. "He's also the first one of my boyfriends to name himself after a marshmallow."

E. "Okay, the 'P' in his name doesn't stand for 'Puffy.' Let's just leave it at that."

F. "He hurt me that way, yeah. And so I will continue to hide the key to Ben's chastity belt."


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