What were the Rolling Stones thinking?
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What the heck were the Rolling Stones thinking when they approved a jump in their concert ticket prices that raised the average Stones ducat to $157.53, up from $119 last year?

Rolling Stones
"Do you know how much an artificial hip costs? Not to mention nursing homes."
A. "Compared to how silly we feel prancing around onstage in our 60s, these ticket prices are nothing."

B. "Mick has been dropping a lot of cash at his weekly bingo game, and he needs to get it back somehow."

C. "We're just trying to keep our prices in line with Knicks tickets."

D. "It takes every last penny of that extra $38.53 to keep Keith in smokes."

E. "Think about it this way: It makes the Ticketmaster service charge seem really insignificant."

F. "The embalming fluid coursing through our veins doesn't come cheap, you know."


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