What was Ben Affleck thinking?
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What the heck was Ben Affleck thinking when he learned that his fiancee and movie co-star, Jennifer Lopez, had reportedly requested that the poster for "Gigli" be air-brushed to downsize her famous rear end?

Ben Affleck
Still reeling from those reviews of 'Gigli'.
A. "That's nothing. You should see how she 'air-brushed' my lines out of the script."

B. "What's the big deal? You think Matt Damon's butt is that tight in real life?"

C. "If she's uptight about this, I can't even imagine what a nightmare it's going to be doing the wedding album."

D. "Downsize it all you want, but it's still going to be visible to the naked eye from the planet Pluto."

E. "Can they air-brush her ego at the same time?"

F. "Oops, there's something else to throw in the pre-nup."


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