What was Maurice Clarett thinking?
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What the heck was Ohio State tailback Maurice Clarett thinking when he blew off a meeting with newly-inducted Hall of Famer Marcus Allen?

Maurice Clarett
Is Clarett too good to talk to Marcus Allen?
A. "C'mon, they wanted me to go to Canton. That's, like, all the way on the other side of the state, man."

B. "I have more pressing issues to deal with ... like whether I should change the pronunciation of my name from Cla-RETT to CLA-rett."

C. "What's he going to do? I mean, it isn't like he's O.J."

D. " I had a test and I needed to find somebody to take it for me. Couldn't be avoided."

E. "I heard Ickey Woods was signing autographs over at Foot Locker. I love that guy."

F. "Hey, it's not like the guy had a car for me to borrow or anything."


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