What was Michael Jackson thinking?
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What the heck was Michael Jackson thinking when he signed a deal with Japanese clothing manufacturer Wakita to produce a new line of Jacko-inspired clothing?

Michael Jackson
Would you wear any article of clothing designed by this guy?
A. "The styles can range from business attire, to formal wear, to casual clothes perfect for relaxing in your Oxygen Chamber."

B. "Just think about all those runway models! Wait, what do you mean they don't do runway shows for children's clothes??!!"

C. "Think of the profit margin. I can sell half the gloves for twice the price."

D. "The best part is, the clothes will actually contain trace elements of my skin, which means they'll be able to withstand repeated use of bleach."

E. "Our signature piece is leather wristbands, designed specially for dangling small children from great heights."

F. "The garments will come in a variety of colors, including Michael Jackson 1980, Michael Jackson 1990 and Michael Jackson 2003."


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