What was Rex Hudler thinking?
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What the heck was Angels broadcaster and former major leaguer Rex "The Wonder Dog" Hudler thinking when he was arrested recently at the Kansas City airport on a charge of misdemeanor marijuana possession?

A. "Hasn't anybody been watching the way the Angels are defending their World Series title? Not only should I be allowed to keep the weed, I should be able to write it off."

B. "Anyone heard me call a game? I'm hyper enough to qualify for medicinal marijuana usage."

C. "Great. Now nobody is going to take me seriously when I say 'that ball was smoked.'"

D. "Unfortunately, I was too busy talking to 'The Wonder Dog' to remember I had the dope on me."

E. "People used to think I ran through walls because I was fearless. I guess they know now it was because I was too stoned to feel the impact."

F. "Sure. Go ahead. Suspend me. I hear the Blazers are looking for a new color guy."


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