What was Oscar De La Hoya thinking?
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What the heck was boxer Oscar De La Hoya thinking when he stood in shocked amazement as the judges announced he had lost his title bout against Shane Mosley?

Shane Mosley
"Luckily, I have my acting and singing career to fall back on."

A. "Beat me once, shame on you. Beat me twice, and I'll sue."

B. "How can they do this to me after I gave every one of those judges an autographed copy of my CD?"

C. "Where are the artistic impression marks? Where are the %&$#-ing artistic impression marks?"

D. "Hey, I thought the audience got to pick the winner. And where is Simon Cowell, anyway?"

E. "I want a rematch! I want a rematch! Shane! Shane! Come back, Shane!"

F. "You know, if Bob Arum can't fix a fight in Vegas, then the terrorists have already won."


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