What were the Patriots thinking?
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What the heck were the Patriots thinking when their former team captain, Lawyer Milloy, signed with division rival Buffalo just days after New England released him for salary cap reasons?

Lawyer Milloy
"The fact is, I love hanging out at Niagara Falls on my off days, anyway."

A. "Sure, he was a Pro Bowl starter before; but now, he's probably just a Pro Bowl reserve. Like we said, diminished skills."

B. "Big deal. It's not like that Bledsoe dude has really taken off in Buffalo or anything."

C. "It isn't like he'll remember any of our plays. And even if he does, he wouldn't tell his new coaches. That'd be cheating."

D. "Lawyer leaving really sucks, we know. But we need the extra cash around if we're gonna overpay Antowain Smith on his next contract."

E. "Vinatieri's our franchise player. Couldn't he just handle the safety duties, too?"

F. "Oh, man, this is just like that episode on 'OC' where Marissa gets back together with Luke just to get back at Ryan after she catches him making out with his grandfather's new girlfriend. Only worse."


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