What was Meg Ryan thinking?
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What the heck was Meg Ryan thinking when she agreed to do nude scenes in director Jane Campion's new movie "In the Cut"?

Meg Ryan, Russell Crowe
"Maybe Russell will want me back after he sees this movie."

A. "If nudity can get big ol' Kathy Bates a nomination, I can write my name on an Oscar right now."

B. "A lesson learned: Never, ever sign a movie deal right after you watch Jenna Jameson's 'E! True Hollywood Story.'"

C. "Any chance to remind Russell Crowe what he's missing out on works for me."

D. "It was under the condition that Billy Bob Thornton will be involved, so that anyone who saw 'Monster's Ball' will avert their gaze."

E. "After I saw how Jane Campion prettied up Harvey Keitel for his nude scenes in 'The Piano,' I was sold."

F. "The way I've got it figured, as soon as the rest of those bigshot Hollywood producers and directors see me naked, I'll start getting all those roles that have been going to Ewan McGregor."


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