What was Mike Shanahan thinking?
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What the heck was Broncos coach Mike Shanahan thinking when he lied about the injury to quarterback Jake Plummer? (Shanahan originally said Plummer had suffered a mild concussion, when the Denver QB had actually sustained a separated shoulder.)

Mike Shanahan
"Next up, I'll tell my players to leave their jerseys untucked."

A. "He'd already thrown three touchdowns. It's Jake Plummer, people. Wouldn't you assume there was something wrong with his head?"

B. "As long as I'm at it, I should also say I have absolutely no regrets about signing him to that big contract."

C. "The way he played in Week 1, 'concussion' seemed a lot more believable."

D. "I saw how much guff Mike Martz took when it was revealed one of his quarterbacks had a concussion."

E. "Opponents might've gone after his shoulder, but they know there's nothing to hurt up there in his head."

F. "Hey, I used to work for Al Davis."


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