What was Jeremy Shockey thinking?
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What the heck was Giants' tight end Jeremy Shockey thinking as a potential touchdown pass bounced off his pads in the end zone on Monday Night Football against the Cowboys?

Jeremy Shockey
"Maybe this will keep my mouth shut for a couple of weeks."

A. "Man, it's a good thing this is a home game. I can't wait to get back to the apartment and wash the pain away with a nice soothing bubble bath, some Celine Dion and a chilled glass of white zinfandel."

B. "Cool. Dropping that ball is far more outrageous than anything I could ever say."

C. "That homo Collins should learn to throw a better ball!"

D. "Who decided this would be a good time for an Olsen twins lookalike night at Giants Stadium?"

E. "What was I thinking? What kind of question is that? I've never actually thought before. Why should I start now."

F. "Not only did I cost us six points, but now I'll be forced to suffer the shame and humiliation of being lampooned on Page 2. Again."


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