What was David Spade thinking?
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What the heck was comedian David Spade thinking when he included a scene of former child actors playing poker in his new movie ("Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star") that is very similar to a scene in an earlier, undistributed movie made by comedienne Judy Tenuta?

A. "It's so not the same scene. In hers, they're playing 7-card stud. In mine, they play 5-card."

B. "I came up with all original scenes when I wrote 'Joe Dirt,' and I think we all know how that turned out."

C. "I am simply trying to bring Miss Tenuta's fine work to a mainstream audience."

D. "My movies are so bad, I can't even steal from reputable sources."

E. "Hey, you didn't hear me complaining when I ripped myself off by turning 'Tommy Boy' into 'Black Sheep.'"

F. "I'm just glad I cut that scene where the ocean liner hits the iceberg and sinks."


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