What was Tim Lobinger thinking?
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What the heck was German pole vaulter Tim Lobinger thinking when he learned that he might lose some of his $5,000 prize money for dropping his shorts during a victory lap at the World Athletics Final in Franfurt, Germany?

A. "There's that American Puritanism rubbing off on the rest of the world again."

B. "This is a total injustice. It's not like I pulled a Jon Drummond."

C. "Hey, we're in Frankfurt. If anybody loves wieners, it's these people."

D. "Once the offers start rolling in from 'Playgirl,' it'll all be worth it."

E. "I just wanted to answer those Is-that-a-pole-in-your-pocket-or-are-you-just-happy-to-see-me jokes, once and for all."

F. "It was either that, or whip off my shirt and show 'em the ol' sports bra."


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