What was Cedric Wilson thinking?
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What the heck was 49ers wide receiver Cedric Wilson thinking when he failed to drop to the turf and call timeout, instead allowing the clock to run out in regulation and send the game to overtime as the Niners eventually lost to the Rams, 27-24?

A. "I thought 'Stop, Drop, and Roll' was just for when you're on fire."

B. "I thought a quarter couldn't end on either a defensive penalty or when someone was being stupid."

C. "We play with Terrell. We're not used to putting the team first."

D. "This is how you put on a show, Mr. Cedric the Entertainer."

E. "At least I didn't shank a kickoff out of bounds with 14 seconds left."

F. "Anybody have Chris Webber's phone number? How 'bout Leon Lett?"


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