What was Jose Feliciano thinking?
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What the heck was singer Jose Feliciano thinking when he performed the national anthem at Pro Player Stadium before Game 5 of the NLCS? (It was Feliciano's first postseason national-anthem performance since he was loudly booed for his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at Tiger Stadium 35 years ago during the 1968 World Series.)

Jose Feliciano
"Isn't retro cool now? Oh, only if you were ever cool. My bad."

A. "Thank you, Carl Lewis."

B. "Good thing Mo Cheeks is in my posse this time."

C. "You mean there's actually somebody here to listen to this? I thought I was at a Marlins' game."

D. "I wanted to go back to the scene of the crime for my return to postseason baseball, but it's going to be at least another 35 years before the Tigers see another playoff game."

E. "Kid Rock? Eminem? It's not like Detroit has been a bastion of musical taste since then."

F. "If things get hairy this time, I'm breaking into 'Feliz Navidad'."


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