What was Karim Garcia thinking?
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What the heck was Yankees' right fielder Karim Garcia thinking when he climbed over Fenway Park's right-field fence and into the Yankees' bullpen to join in a fight between reliever Jeff Nelson and a Red Sox groundkeeper? (Garcia injured his hand in the melee.)

Karim Garcia
"He's a local. I was just asking him for a restaurant recommendation."
A. "It was a misunderstanding. In the roar of the crowd, I thought Torre told me to go beat up a groundskeeper. Turns out he wanted me to go beat up Jeff Weaver."

B. "Dammit! I'm not leaving this series without hitting something!"

C. "Boy, am I glad the bullpens at Fenway are behind the right-field fence. I don't know how I would've climbed that left-field wall."

D. "I can't let a teammate get beat up by a groundskeeper. A vendor, maybe. But not a groundskeeper."

E. "Anything Zim can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than Zim."

F. "What would Albert Belle do in this situation?"


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