What was Angelina Jolie thinking?
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What the heck was Angelina Jolie thinking when she told Britain's Hello magazine that she's been dining on cockroaches? ("I developed a taste for the stuff while I was in Cambodia," she said. "I've eaten cockroaches and bee larvae and crickets. You can get them with peanuts inside or with guts. I like them -- they're really meaty and high in protein.")

Angelina Jolie
"Hello! I was married to Billy Bob. This shouldn't shock you people!"
A. "Unlike eating steaks, which are so unmeaty and a terrible source of protein."

B. "This should take people's minds off 'Tomb Raider 2.' "

C. "And if I stick one of the little guys in Billy Bob's old blood vial, I don't have to carry a Luna bar in my purse."

D. "I've also developed a taste for warm bat urine. Er, maybe I should keep that to myself."

E. "I'm working with a fast-food chain to market the next big thing: the McRoach."

F. "Forget the Raid. I just spray 'em with PAM."


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