What was Paul Williams thinking?
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What the heck was Red Sox groundskeeper Paul Williams thinking when he was cheering for Boston in the Yankees' bullpen and then got in a fight with reliever Jeff Nelson and right fielder Karim Garcia during Game 3 of the ALCS?

Paul Williams
"I'm not stupid. Excuse me, I have to go get my Cowboys jersey clean for the game at Philly."
A. "I get my butt kicked by a couple of million-dollar players, next thing ya know, ol' Paul's a millionaire."

B. "Jeff Nelson wouldn't dare try to stick his cleats up my ... Whoops! Guess I was wrong on that one."

C. "I just want to be another famous Williams associated with the Red Sox."

D. "First rule of Groundskeeper Fight Club: Do not talk about Groundskeeper Fight Club."

E. "I'll fight these two and anybody else they want to send in. Just keep that Don Zimmer away from me."

F. "Yankees suck! Yankees suck! Yankees suck!"


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