What was Nicky Hilton thinking?
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What the heck was Paris' younger sister, Nicky Hilton, thinking when she heard about her sister's tape?

Nicky Hilton
"This is going to be hard to top ... hey, does anyone have R. Kelly's cell number?"
A. "My publicist will be issuing a release headlined '12 ways to tell the Hilton sisters apart' tomorrow morning.

B. "That bitch! She's always stealing my ideas."

C. "Did you see her thighs in that video? She has been sneaking some white rice in with her brown rice."

D. "Is that a Sheraton hotel room I see in the background?"

E. "Dammit! Now, I'm the only one famous for doing absolutely nothing."

F. "Does this mean I get more of the inheritance money?"


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