What were the Milwaukee Brewers thinking?
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What the heck was the Milwaukee Brewers board of directors thinking when it forced club President and CEO Ulice Payne Jr., to resign after Payne revealed that the board wanted to cut the team's payroll from $40.6 million to $30 million next season? (Despite the budget cut, the board came up with a $2.5 million buyout to facilitate Payne's departure.)

Ulice Payne Jr.
Working for Bud? Ulice, they did you a favor.
A. "If he hadn't said anything about that payroll slashing thing, we would've totally fooled these fans into thinking this is a competitive team."

B. "Look, that extra $10.6 million wasn't gonna go to the players, anyway. We reallyy wanted to buy a new slide for Bernie."

C. "We finally realized something: the closest we were ever going to come to being the Yankees is an inflated payroll."

D. "We just wanted to make sure we squelched all those rumors Ulice was spreading about us being players in the A-Rod sweepstakes."

E. "Now we're perfectly-positioned for our negotiations with Keith Ginter. When he plays hardball and asks for $340,000, he won't have any leverage."

F. "Plus, Ulice wanted to add a vegetarian entry in the sausage race."


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