What was Bill Callahan thinking?
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What the heck was Oakland coach Bill Callahan thinking when he called the Raiders "the dumbest team in America" after they lost to Denver, 22-8?

Bill Callahan
Chances are that Bill Callahan doesn't have something in his game plan that can win back the loyalty of his players.
A. "A smarter team would've lost 22-9."

B. "Relax, guys. I said America. There are plenty of dumber teams in Mexico and Canada."

C. "Seriously, who is the dumbass in charge of these guys?"

D. " ... although we've got some good competition from those scholars down at Florida State."

E. "I was just trying to reach out and connect with our fans. After all, they're the same people who elected Arnold Schwarzenegger governor."

F. "These guys couldn't even follow the plot of that Paris Hilton movie we watched the night before the game."


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