What was the Belgian Olympic Committee thinking?
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What the heck was the Belgian Olympic Committee thinking when it told No. 2-ranked women's tennis player Kim Clijsters that she couldn't wear Fila apparel at the Summer Games in Athens next year? (Fila is one of Clijsters' sponsors; Adidas sponsors the Belgian Olympic team. Clijsters has pulled out of the Olympics.)

Kim Clijsters
Belgium's chocolate is smooth. Their Olympic Committee is not.
A. "The great nation of Belgium has an opportunity here to become known either for tennis greatness or rampant stupidity. We stand by our decision."

B. "Frankly, we're not interested in a medal ... unless it's a tasty Belgian medal-shaped chocolate wrapped in foil."

C. "Let's be honest: That Fila gear really makes her butt look big. We have an image to uphold here in Belgium."

D. "Hey, it isn't like we have a shortage of world-class athletes we can showcase on the international stage at the Olympics ... Oh, wait. Crap! We forgot. This is Belgium."

E. "This way, we'll be able to call our showing at the Athens Olympics, 'My Big Fat Greek Goose Egg'."

F. "And she also refused to wear the waffle costume in the Opening Ceremonies!"


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