What was Carmen Electra thinking?
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What the heck was former "Baywatch" star Carmen Electra thinking when she allowed her wedding to Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro to be filmed for an upcoming MTV reality series?

Carmen Electra
We hear Carmen's first dance will involve a poll.
A. "And for Season Two, we're letting them film the divorce proceedings."

B. "This is going to make Trista and Ryan sooooo jealous."

C. "It's not like a wedding is some intimate, sacred, once-in-a-lifetime ceremony or anything. What's the big deal?"

D. "Wait until you guys see Perry Farrell's bridesmaid dress!"

E. "At first, I was concerned that this might make a mockery of the moment. Then I remembered who I am."

F. "It was all done very tastefully. Paris Hilton recommended a terrific cameraman."


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