What was Colin Farrell thinking?
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What the heck was Colin Farrell thinking when he reportedly was seen macking with Angelina Jolie at a swanky London dance club? (Jolie's character is the mother of Farrell's character in the upcoming Oliver Stone-directed film about Alexander the Great.)

Colin Farrell
Angelina Jolie found out that roaches come in all sizes.
A. "This is nice and all, but I'm outta here the minute she asks me to eat a cockroach."

B. "You got any better ideas about how to kill time in between my 14th and 15th Guinness?"

C. "I wonder where she's going to put my tattoo."

D. "Now I know how Barry Williams felt on the 'Brady Bunch' sets with Florence Henderson."

E. "So that's what Billy Bob tastes like."

F. "Attention, everyone! I'm Colin Farrell. Don't you just want to punch me in the face?"


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