What was Allen Iverson thinking?
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What the heck was Allen Iverson thinking when he made an obscene gesture toward fans in Milwaukee during a recent Sixers' loss to the Bucks?

Allen Iverson
The move cost Allen Iverson $10K and a whole lotta bling-bling.
A. "I got your 'Answer' right here!"

B. "At least I flipped off the right fans. I mean, I miss about 62 percent of the time."

C. "Sorry, I thought I saw Larry Brown sitting over there in the 10th row."

D. "I ain't letting Bonzi steal my thunder."

E. "Maybe I don't understand Korean as well as I thought I did. I swear Byung-Hyun Kim said this was a good idea."

F. "Hey, at least I didn't hit their mascot with a bat."


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