What was Jason Allen Alexander thinking?
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What the heck was Jason Allen Alexander, Britney Spears' childhood friend, thinking when he signed the annulment papers to dissolve his marriage to Ms. Spears just days after their quickie wedding in Las Vegas?

Britney Spears
No, this isn't Britney's wedding dress -- she dressed down for the big occasion.
A. "Awwww, man, do I have to?"

B. "Can I get a few extra copies of this?"

C. "I can understand her apprehension. We had been drifting apart lately."

D. "This is so much worse than the time Steinbrenner caught me sleeping under my desk."

E. "Let's see ... if I get half of everything she owns, that means I get a quarter of a brain."

F. "Who cares if it was annulled? Just for saying 'I do,' I got to find out if they're real or not."


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