What was Steve Pederson thinking?
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What the heck was Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson thinking when he reportedly sent a private jet to Arkansas to fly Houston Nutt to Lincoln so the Razorbacks' coach could be introduced as the Cornhuskers' new football coach? (Nutt didn't get on the plane.)

Steve Pederson
Steve Pederson and Nebraska are starting to get a little desperate.
A. "I had to send a private jet. No commercial airline actually flies into Arkansas."

B. "Send this plane over to Nutt. Heh, heh, heh ... You said 'Nutt'."

C. "Saunders, Zimmer, now Nutt. Jeez, even UTEP can fill a vacancy."

D. "Lord help us. If he doesn't get on board, it's '2004 with Bo Pelini'."

E. "If this doesn't work out, we might have to go after Bill Callahan. But we're making that guy fly Southwest."

F. "It probably wasn't a good idea to ask him if he'd be willing to switch back to his non-porn name."


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