What was China's table tennis association thinking?
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What the heck was China's table tennis association thinking when it sent home four of its Olympic hopefuls for having romantic affairs that were "affecting training" for the Athens Games?

Chinese table tennis player
China's table tennis team will definitely be short-handed in Athens.
A. "We must take all necessary steps to stay ahead of the Americans and their genetically-engineered Forrest Gump clones."

B. "We sure hope this doesn't show up in an episode of 'Playmakers: China'."

C. "Nothing is more disruptive to a close-knit group than a messy love rectangle."

D. "They were going to test positive for steroids, anyway."

E. "We were sympathetic, but what could we do? It's so tough staying focused around ping pong, the universal aphrodisiac."

F. "We have enough problems dealing with the series of mysterious wrist injuries plaguing the single members of our team."


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