What was Al Wilson thinking?
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What the heck was Broncos' linebacker Al Wilson thinking as he stood over Colts' receiver Marvin Harrison and argued with two teammates about who had been responsible for covering Harrison in Denver's secondary in the first half of a wild-card playoff game? (Harrison, who had caught Peyton Manning's pass and fallen to the turf, wasn't touched by a Bronco defender, so he stood up and ran to the end zone for a touchdown.)

Al Wilson
Al Wilson made a tackle on this play -- unlike what he did against the Colts last Sunday.
A. "I absolutely know I forgot to TiVo 'The Simpsons' tonight. Damn!"

B. "Actually, we were arguing about which of us wouldn't be back next year because of this stupidity."

C. "Thank God Marvin finally got up and left. It was getting awkward talking about him when he was in earshot like that."

D. "Hey, we play the Raiders twice a year over there in the AFC West. It's easy to forget that not every team is that dumb."

E. "If you'll be my cornerback, I will be your long lost pal. I will blow the coverage; and buddy when I blow it, you can call ... me ... Al."

F. "It might have looked like we were arguing, but actually we were just making fun of Peyton Manning's playoff career. Force of habit."


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