Who was uglier: Richard or the new guys?
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Richard Jefferson's over-aggressivenessEric Christian Olsen and Derek Richardson, the replacements in "Dumb and Dumberer."
Richard Jefferson
Dumb and Dumberer
Nice try, Jefferson. The junior varsity courts are down the hall to your left.
Is this the name of the movie or the two studio execs that green-lighted it?


Who was uglier: Nets offense or Mike Tyson?

Who was uglier: Lisa Marie Presley or Carnie Wilson?

Who was uglier: Joe Piscopo or Martha Stewart?

Who was uglier: Jason Kidd or Destiny Stahl?

Who was uglier: Dikembe Mutombo or Larry Eustachy?

Who was uglier: Tim Duncan or Christina Aguilera?

Who was uglier: Kenyon Martin or Harvey Fierstein?

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