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You have already cast your votes on old-school favorites from each sport. Now it's time to crown the ultimate, accross-the-board, never-been-better, retro-jersey classic. Check out the top contenders, then vote to round up the retro relapse, once and for all.

1. Nolan Ryan, 1986 Houston Astros home
Once a uniform to be mocked, the rainbow is now a uniform to be loved for its audacity. Just like a Ryan fastball, this jersey is bold and brash and remains as much about the future as the retro. (And while Nolan is king, remember that Mike Scott was the real ace of the '86 'Stros).

2. "Pistol" Pete Maravich, 1971-72 Atlanta Hawks road
Perhaps it's the garish design that makes this jersey so ironically hot. But it's probably the "Pistol" (literally in quotes), rather than his last name, on the back that makes this so memorable.

3. 1980 Team USA

"Do you believe in miracles?


4. Alex English, 1987-88 Denver Nuggets home
Long gone are the days when an NBA jersey would feature five different colors. If you think the 1980 Houston Astros rainbow jersey is so ugly you absolutely have to have it, here's the NBA version.

5. Gale Sayers, 1965 Chicago Bears
Thanks to LeBron James' selection out of a crowded rack in a sports-gear store, Sayers' bruise-blue jersey (and its white version) has risen in national prominence. His mystically brief career only adds to the cachet of sporting this jersey.

6. Wes Unseld, 1977-78 Washington Bullets away
Before LeBron launched this classic into the pop-culture consciousness, there was the one-of-a-kind design: two hands grabbing for a rebound (much like Wes himself), doubling as the "L"s in "Bullets." An inspired marriage of design and functionality.

7. Mike Modano, 1990s Minnesota North Stars
Remember, there are no rules as to what qualifies as "retro" (call your local sport-talk radio if you wish to debate; we aren't listening). Forget the Wild; real Minnesota hockey fans are sporting this jersey.

8. Joe Namath, 1968 New York Jets
Wearing a jersey is more than a fashion statement of colors, team allegiance or even of the player whose jersey you wear. Sometimes it reflects an attitude, and no one in the history of the NFL had attitude like Broadway Joe.

9. Stan Musial, 1944 St. Louis Cardinals home
Just like Stan, you're "The Man" if you wear this classic retro look with the timeless Cardinals' logo. Nothing like showing your appreciation for the most underrated great player of all time.

10. Wayne Gretzky, early '80s Edmonton Oilers
Ohhh yeah. The glory years. Gretzky barely filled out this jersey, unlike many of the Oilers fans wearing it in the stands. And if this one gets dirty, you can get the No. 11 Messier to go with it.


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