Voluminous villains
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Who's your sports villain?

The guy that crushed your team? The guy that actually crushed you? Whoever it is, there's no doubt it's someone you'll never forget.

We asked our columnists to tell us their all-time sports villain. They gave us some of the usual suspects, but also picked a few uncommon bad guys. And one even picked ... you. Here are their choices:

John Thompson

By Ralph Wiley
Ever notice you can't hate the Hoyas like you used to? Well, there's no Darth Vader around.

  Bill Laimbeer

By Bill Simmons
After all these years, the Sports Guy can't deny it: He still hates Bill Laimbeer.

Tommy Lasorda

By Brian Murphy
Even though it was forbidden in his house, Murph gives Tommy Lasorda a big, fat booo.

  Reggie Jackson

By Eric Neel
A young Eric Neel learned about evil in the worldfrom Reggie Jackson.

The Owners

By Jim Caple
There's nothing worse than the hostage-taking, move-threatening owners of our beloved teams.

  The Fans

By Patrick Hruby
Hey, you with the foam finger: Stop your whining! No one is forcing you to live and die with sports.


By Dan Shanoff
Programs may come and go, but the Blue Devils always stay on top. Dynasties must be hated.

  Joel Smeenge

By Jason Whitlock
Forget making your team look bad. This villain made Jason look bad.

Tonya Harding

By Chris McKendry
From ice queen to laughingstock, Tonya's still waiting for a second chance.

  Negative influence

By Tim Keown
What exactly is a villain? Try someone whose bad influence forever changes the game.



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