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Who crashed XFL blimp?
Page 2 staff

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Oh, the humanity!

Like Hulk Hogan leaping from the turnbuckles onto a prone Sgt. Slaughter, the XFL blimp crashed into an Oakland waterfront restaurant Tuesday after its two-man crew was forced to evacuate.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt, although the pilot sustained minor injuries.

High winds reportedly blew the blimp out of control, but sources have told Page 2 that a hijacker might be to blame. In an exclusive Page 2 investigation, here are some suspects:

Jose Canseco
New York Yankees outfielder

Can you blame anyone for investigating this "Bash" Brother? The former Oakland A's slugger has had several auto-related brushes with the law. Besides several speeding citations, Canseco was arrested for ramming his car into the car of his then-wife. Alibi: Blimp not fast enough for Canseco's tastes.

Bruce Dern

In Black Sunday, Dern played a demented war veteran plotting to kill thousands of people at the Super Bowl by releasing a dart-gun gizmo from the Goodyear blimp while it flew above the stadium. With Dern bummed out about much of his work in "All the Pretty Horses" ending up on the cutting room floor, we naturally had to follow this lead. Alibi: Too experienced an actor to work for free.
(SteveGranitz/ photo)

Scott Goodyear
IRL driver

"There's only one true blimp," the hijacker reportedly screamed as he stormed the cockpit and took control of the blimp's gondola. We automatically suspected race car driver Scott Goodyear, who is very familiar with rival leagues. Alibi: A professional driver would have steered the blimp at least to Sonoma.

Jon Gruden
Oakland Raiders coach

The XFL blimp was apparently scheduled to be flown over the Oakland Coliseum during the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, but Gruden suspected it was preparing to steal Raiders secrets by flying over the team's practices. Alibi: Although he was close to the scene, this workaholic head coach was too busy preparing for the Ravens.

Tonya Harding
Figure skater

She's always been extreme, from her role in the plot to whack Nancy Kerrigan's leg to the time Harding was jailed last May for punching and throwing a hubcap at her boyfriend. No confirmation yet that the Oregon native was in the Bay Area at the time of the blimp incident. Alibi: Her shoelace was broken.

Vince McMahon
XFL, WWF boss

The blimp crash already has produced more publicity for his new league than anything except his comments about "hoping" XFL cheerleaders will date XFL quarterbacks. Alibi: The blimp crash wasn't on pay-per-view.

Olden Polynice
Utah Jazz center

Confused witnesses told Page 2 the hijacker flashed a badge and said he was "commandeering Shawn Kemp." Polynice, accused of two road rage incidents in Utah last year, has plenty to be angry about as his Jazz have lost five of their last seven games. Alibi: Could have taken out blimp easier by shooting free throws from the ground.

Pro wrestler

The burly Samoan is known for his extreme driving, including the time he ran over "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The fact that the blimp crashed into a seafood restaurant makes Rikishi a prime suspect. Alibi: A pro wrestler would never be involved in something that looks like a publicity stunt.

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Bad omen or publicity stunt? XFL blimp crashes

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