Elio Fox wins WSOPE main event

The first six bracelet events of the 2011 World Series of Poker Europe offered incredible turnouts, huge prize pools and a clear validation that the WSOP brand is alive and well. The main event told the same story and set a record with 593 players creating the largest WSOP Europe main event, the largest prize pool in French poker history and the largest first-place prize in French history (1.4 million euros). American Elio Fox ensured that the WSOPE bracelet would head back across the ocean as he pocketed the top prize as champion of one of the biggest events on the poker calendar.

"I think the most important thing to me is knowing whether I played well, or not," he said after his win. "I get really hard on myself when I play poorly. Obviously, winning a lot of money is a great feeling. But as a poker player, I think it's extremely important to be tough on yourself, especially when you are playing badly. Even if your results have been good, and vice versa. Obviously, I am ecstatic that I won this. It's an amazing feeling. But it's also important to keep the important stuff in mind. I mean, winning a big title isn't everything."

His reaction after winning reflected his views as he initially barely cracked a smile once play had concluded and the bricks of cash were placed before him. Gradually, the win seemed to set in, as did a smile on his face.

Fox, a 25-year-old professional poker player from New York, turned to poker during his freshman year at Bard College. After graduating, he decided to pursue the online game full-time and profited well with his chosen profession. He traveled to Vegas for the WSOP this summer and went 0-for-17, but turned his run around with a win in the $10,000 Bellagio Cup for $669,692. Fox has earned more than $2.6 million at the live tournament felt throughout his career and it's the flexibility of a poker career that continues to appeal to him. That flexibility allowed him to establish a residency in Canada to continue playing online post-Black Friday.

"I like living a lifestyle that involves a lot of freedom," he said. "I don't like being on a set routine. The idea of going to the same job every day over and over for 10 hours a day sounds like horrible to me. Poker is just the opposite of that. It is also extremely interesting. You are constantly learning new things. There is always more to learn."

The heads-up matchup between Fox and online poker icon Chris "Moorman1" Moorman was a battle between two of the online game's best, with Fox beginning their confrontation with a 2-to-1 lead. Fox was able to take a good portion of Moorman's stack by rivering a 2-high flush and he earned the win when his A-10 held over Moorman's A-7. Moorman earned 800,000 euros for second, his largest career live cash.

It wasn't an easy day for Moorman as he battled to build his stack throughout most of the nine-hour final table, the quickest WSOP Europe main event final table in history. Despite his best efforts, he was never able to overtake Fox, who secured his lead in the early stages as he eliminated Jake Cody in seventh by holding 10-10 to Cody's J-J and turning a straight. From that point on, Fox picked his spots well and eliminated Moritz Kranich (third) to position himself for a tough heads-up match.

Brian "flawless_victory" Roberts appeared poised to be the one going heads-up with Fox, but one major hand against Moorman led to his downfall and fourth-place finish. Roberts flopped the second nut-flush while Moorman turned the nut flush and one of the largest pots of the day was sent Moorman's direction. Roberts would be eliminated by Moorman shortly thereafter.

In addition to the money and bracelet, Moorman and Shawn Buchanan (eliminated in sixth) had another opportunity during the final table: to overtake Ben Lamb for the 2011 WSOP Player of the Year lead. However, with Moorman's elimination in second place, Lamb officially locked up the honor. Buchanan had nine WSOP cashes in 2011, including four at WSOP Europe.

Lamb reacted to the final results on Twitter saying, "I finally won [Player of the Year]? [Good game Moorman] - one of the sickest around."

The event was broadcast live on ESPN3.com. Fans can watch a replay of the event on demand. The edited broadcast of the WSOPE main event and the Caesars Cup will be televised on Dec. 18 starting at 6 p.m. ET on ESPN2.

Other notable finishers include Patrik Antonius (ninth), Arnaud Mattern (10th) and John Duthie (18th).

Below are the complete results of WSOPE Event 7:

Event 7: Main event
Buy-in: 10,000 euros
Entries: 593
Prize pool: 5,692,800 euros
Players in the money: 64

1. Elio Fox (1,400,000 euros)
2. Chris Moorman (800,000)
3. Moritz Kranich (550,000)
4. Brian Roberts (400,000)
5. Dermot Blain (275,000)
6. Shawn Buchanan (200,000)
7. Jake Cody (150,000)
8. Max Silver (115,000)
9. Patrik Antonius (90,000)
10. Arnaud Mattern (90,000)
11. Alex Dovzhenko (67,500)
12. Thibaud Guenegou (67,500)
13. Andy Moseley (53,000)
14. Steven Moreau (53,000)
15. Amir Lehavot (43,000)
16. Michael Drummond (43,000)
17. Dario Sammartino (37,000)
18. John Duthie (37,000)
19. Jeremy Kottler (37,000)
20. John Eames (37,000)
21. Erik Seidel (37,000)
22. James Schafer (37,000)
23. Ricardo Tavares (37,000)
24. Tony Guoga (37,000)
25. Philippe Ktorza (32,000)
26. Pavel Ivan (32,000)
27. Maria Ho (32,000)
28. Chris McClung (32,000)
29. Eduard Kapitonov (32,000)
30. Matt Waxman (32,000)
31. Casey Kastle (32,000)
32. Artem Litvinov (32,000)
33. Melanie Weisner (27,500)
34. Megrous Kidhir (27,500)
35. Rifat Palevic (27,500)
36. Liv Boeree (27,500)
37. Tom Bedell (27,500)
38. Carbone Damiano (27,500)
39. Freddy Deeb (27,500)
40. Ilan Boujenah (27,500)
41. McLean Karr (24,000)
42. Hoyt Corkins (24,000)
43. Sean Getzwiller (24,000)
44. Giacomo Maisto (24,000)
45. Rebecca Mordoff (24,000)
46. Michael Leah (24,000)
47. Anatolii Ozhenilok (24,000)
48. Joao Barbosa (24,000)
49. Constant Rijkenberg (21,475)
50. Mathieu Pourrat (21,475)
51. Barny Boatman (21,475)
52. Stephen Chidwick (21,475)
53. Robert Giordano (21,475)
54. Leo Boxell (21,475)
55. Kunimaro Kojo (21,475)
56. Pierre Yves Ayme (21,475)
57. Salman Behbehani (20,000)
58. Hans Winzeler (20,000)
59. Victor Ramdin (20,000)
60. JC Alvarado (20,000)
61. Carlo Savinelli (20,000)
62. David Zampini (20,000)
63. Parham Ahoor (20,000)
64. Pierre Neuville (20,000)