Glazier wins Ladies Event at WSOPE

Jackie Glazier made headlines in July. Finishing 31st and notching the title of the "Last Woman Standing" in the World Series of Poker main event, Glazier earned worldwide attention and a sponsorship with such a tremendous effort. As the 2013 World Series of Poker Europe kicked off in France, she once again became the last woman standing. However, this time around, that accomplishment came with a gold WSOP bracelet.

Glazier defeated the field of 65 in the 1,100 euro buy-in Ladies Event to capture her first WSOP title and 21,850 euros. Her victory came over a tough final table that included Celine Bastain, the 41st-place finisher in the WSOP Ladies Championship earlier in the year, and Gaelle Baumann who finished 10th in the WSOP main event in 2012.

"It is definitely a dream come true," said Glazier to the WSOP. "I've always aspired to win a World Series bracelet and to do it here in the first-ever Europe Ladies Event is a real honor."

The final table lasted two hours and began with the bubble elimination of Anais Lerouge, who entered the final eight fifth in chips. After a Qc-Jc-2s flop, Marline Valente called Lerouge's all-in holding 9c-10c for an open-ended straight flush draw. Lerouge held Ac-2c for bottom pair and the nut flush draw and was 56 percent to double up as the cards were revealed. The 10s hit the turn and Valente seized the lead, then held to knock Lerouge out short of the money. Once that key moment had passed, the mood lightened and just two hands later, Baumann finished in seventh, losing a race to Laurie Busmuth (4-4 < A-9).

Glazier entered the final table as the chip leader and played with determination. She eliminated of Sherrill Lindsey-Jones in sixth and hit a critical river card to knock out Celine Bastian in fourth. Then came Laurie Bismuth in third and finally, after 38 hands of heads-up play, Valente in second.

"I think I've had so many close calls and near-misses that getting heads-up with the stack sizes being even, the gravity of if I did come in second again," said Glazier. "I was just not sure how I would cope with it. It would definitely have taken a few days to get over."

With this cash, Glazier became the first player to make the money in all three WSOP venues in 2013 and now has seven career WSOP cashes worth $794,436.

Below are the complete results of WSOPE Event 1:

Event 1: Ladies Event
Buy-in: 1,100 euros
Entries: 65
Prize pool: 62,400 euros
Players in the money: 7

1. Jackie Glazier (21,850 euros)
2. Maryline Valente (13,500)
3. Laurie Bismuth (8,950)
4. Celine Bastian (6,330)
5. Nathalie Odet (4,770)
6. Sherrie Lindsey-Jones (3,800)
7. Gaelle Baumann (3,200)