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 Wednesday, May 3
3Play has 1 million plays in two weeks
 April 13, 2000

ESPN.com 3Play, the first-of-its kind online sports game offering fans daily and weekly cash prizes based on how real-life pro athletes fare during actual games, has generated more than 1 million plays since launching Saturday, April 1. ESPN.com is part of GO.com (NYSE:GO).

More than 400,000 unique users have played ESPN.com 3Play since April 1. The number of daily plays continues to grow, with a high of 167,000 playing Monday, April 10.

When fans log on to play ESPN.com 3Play Presented by 1-800 CALL ATT Collect each day, a game card appears depicting three randomly selected athletes and the categories in which they'll accumulate ESPN.com 3Play points for fans. New player cards and point values are randomly dealt to participants each day. Fans accumulating the highest daily and weekly scores receive cash prizes. More than $70,000 in cash prizes has been distributed thus far, with more than $300,000 to be doled out throughout April.

"These early numbers are better than we had anticipated," said John Skipper, senior vice president and general manager, ESPN Internet Group. "They are indicative of fans' desire for more and more entertainment options to complement the unparalleled sports news and information already offered by ESPN.com. We are further encouraged by the massive amounts of positive feedback we've received on our 3Play message boards."

Actual comments from ESPN.com user message boards:
  • "All i can say is........BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYAAAAAAAAAA to whoever thought of this one. Once again ESPN proves that it is the world-wide leader in sports."

  • "I love this 3Play idea, although there really is no skill involved, it is still something to make watching sports more exciting and gives you someone to root for."