Monday, May 15
Record high 250,000 plays on Monday, May 8

May 15, 2000 3Play, the first-of-its kind online sports game offering fans daily cash prizes based on how real-life pro athletes fare during actual games, has generated more than 6.3 million plays via 840,000 unique users since launching Saturday, April 1. The number of daily plays continues to grow, with a high of 250,000 playing on Monday, May 8. 3Play is presented by 1-800 CALL ATT Collect. is part of (NYSE:GO).

When fans log on to play 3Play each day, a game card appears depicting three randomly selected athletes and the categories in which they'll accumulate 3Play points for fans. New player cards and point values are randomly dealt to participants each day. Fans accumulating the highest daily scores receive cash prizes. With 3Play's new scoring system instituted in May, "Big Money Mondays" bring a prize of $5,000 for the high scorer, compared to the normal $2,500 daily prize. Also, the high score for each day could also win a bonus cash prize if his or her point total exceeds a certain amount., the most popular sports Web site, is part of, the Internet business of The Walt Disney Company. manages some of the Internet's most popular Web sites, including the portal as well as,,,,,,,,,, Mr. Showbiz, NASCAR Online, and Steven M. Bornstein is the chairman of, which is headquartered in North Hollywood, California, with operations in Sunnyvale, California, Seattle, New York, Bristol, Connecticut, and London.

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